Journal subject areas

Wind Energy Science welcomes contributions on the following topics:

  • wind and the atmosphere (atmospheric physics; wind and turbulence);
  • fluid mechanics (wind turbine aerodynamics; wakes and wind farm aerodynamics; aeroacoustics; hydrodynamics);
  • dynamics and control (dynamics and aeroservoelasticity; wind turbine control; wind farm control);
  • wind technologies (design concepts and methods for plants, turbines and components; systems engineering; offshore technology; airborne technology);
  • materials and operation (material science and structural mechanics; structural monitoring and testing; fatigue; end-of-life assessment and lifetime extension; operation and maintenance, condition monitoring, reliability);
  • electrical conversion, integration and impacts (electrical conversion, grid integration and Wind-to-X; forecasting and market integration; sustainability, environmental and socio-economic aspects).
Editor in chief Chief editors Thematic areas Area-specific topics Associate editors
Carlo L. Bottasso Jakob Mann
Joachim Peinke
Area 1
Wind and the atmosphere
Atmospheric physics
Wind and turbulence
Archer, Aubrun, Barthelmie, Basu, Cal, Gottschall, Hahmann, Hangan, Lundquist, Mann, Meyers, Peinke, Schmehl
Sandrine Aubrun Area 2
Fluid mechanics
Wind turbine aerodynamics
Wakes and wind farm aerodynamics
Archer, Aubrun, Barthelmie, Bianchini, Cal, Hahmann, Hangan, Lundquist, Mann, Meyers, Peinke, Schmehl, Sørensen
Hydrodynamics Bachynski-Polić, Collu, Robertson, Sørensen
Paul Fleming Area 3
Dynamics and control
Dynamics and aeroservoelasticity Aubrun, Bachynski-Polić, Bianchini, Collu, Croce, Eguinoa, Fleming, Hangan, King, Muskulus, Peinke, Schmehl, van Bussel, van Wingerden, Zhang
Wind turbine control
Wind farm control
Archer, Aubrun, Bachynski-Polić, Cal, Dykes, Eguinoa, King, Lundquist, Meyers, Nejad, van Bussel, van Wingerden
Paul Veers Area 4
Wind technologies
Design concepts and methods for plants, turbines and components
Systems engineering
Bachynski-Polić, Bianchini, Collu, Croce, Dykes, Hu, Kolios, Muskulus, Nejad, Rolfes, Schmehl, van Bussel, Veers, Whale
Offshore technology Bachynski-Polić, Collu, Dykes, Muskulus, Nejad, Robertson, Rolfes, Whale
Airborne technology Croce, Schmehl, Veers, Whale
Athanasios Kolios
Gerard J.W. van Bussel
Area 5
Materials and operation
Material science and structural mechanics
Structural monitoring and testing
End-of-life assessment and lifetime extension
Operation and maintenance, condition monitoring, reliability
Dimitrov, Kolios, Hu, Mikkelsen, Muskulus, Nejad, Rolfes, Teuwen, Vidal
Nicolaos A. Cutululis Area 6
Electrical conversion, integration and impacts
Electrical conversion, grid integration and Wind-to-X Hansen, King, Kirch Kirkegaard
Forecasting and market integration Archer
Sustainability, environmental and socio-economic aspects King, Kirch Kirkegaard, Ram, Teilmann