WES indexed in Scopus

20 March 2019

Scopus has completed its evaluation of Wind Energy Science (WES) and announced that it will include our journal in its database. Scopus certifies that WES publishes articles of consistently high scientific quality of interest to a broad international academic and professional audience.

The success of WES is due to the steady stream of high-quality contributions from the wind energy community, a crowd of mainly anonymous reviewers and other people commenting on the open peer-review papers, and the persistent work of the editorial board. This is also a significant milestone for the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE) who initiated the journal more than three years ago and for the publisher Copernicus with whom we have a great collaboration.

Please note that it may take several months until Scopus has processed all XML metadata following the data transfer from Copernicus Publications.

Jakob Mann WES editor-in-chief